Magic theatre "Strekoza". “Feel the Magic” (In English)

Magic theatre "Strekoza". “Feel the Magic” (In English)


Do you speak English? Do you like meaningful, wholesome entertainment?

Join us at our magic theater "Strekoza" (Dragonfly) for a mesmerizing, explosive, entertaining "Feel the Magic" performance! It is full of surprises, wonder, meaning and fun!

Stories from life that are told with the use of magic and help of the audience! Magic tricks you’ve seen only on TV are now live, right in front of your eyes, or even in your hands!

We can penetrate the borders of space, time and matter!

And this is not just a quantum physics theory. In our show, we put these absolutes to the test, and challenge the limits we set for ourselves in life, literally and figuratively. The spectacle is something nobody can remain indifferent to, and always leaves the viewer with something to reflect on. Your primary host – the unforgettable, renowned magician Dmitry Mosin. 

Hurry! Only a few tickets are left...